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About Us

Welcome to Match Sailbags!

Our little company started life in Singapore in 2011, born of a desire by a few scraggy seadogs to create funky, durable bags to bring a splash of the seaside to our every day lives.

We designed the sailbags with bold colours and high quality materials in mind, spending months and months researching and testing which thickness of sailcloth works best, selecting special finishes, and custom making the stainless steel hardware to ensure we produced the finest possible product.

We’ve incorporated various cloths from heavy duty fluorescent storm sailcloth, to lightweight custom white. Lined with water resistant fabric, they have 316 marine grade stainless steel hardware and heavy duty straps; we hope these bags will be as weather resistant as you are!

We love the range here, and hope you do to. We’re hoping to expand it soon, so keep checking back in, and if you have an idea for something you’d like to see, why not share it with us? Simply use the contact page, or get in touch through social media 🙂

Bags are currently designed and manufactured here in the Singapore Sunshine, and shipped worldwide.

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